Dishes that were preserved by the history

The Škofja Loka region, embraced by two rivers and two valleys, hides in itself also numerous culinary delicacies. Rich cultural and natural heritage go along with the precious heritage of our grandmothers, who were masters in preparing dishes. In a moment we can imagine how delicious smells of bread baked in tiled stoves, poticas, home-made strudels and tasteful mush were coming from their kitchens.

Good old cooking for today’s times

Today, so many years later, we chose some of the best culinary delicacies from the chests of our grandmothers and we upgraded and adjusted them to the tastes of the modern time. These dishes are attractive for home guests as well as for foreign guests. From more than one hundred collected recipes, we made a selection of dishes that are before you in cooperation with an ethnologist, the president of catering section and Andrej Goljat, culinary master. umstances of the various seasons.

With this project, the Škofja Loka opening its doors on healthy and homemade food from materials Škofjeloško area. Kitchen, linking tradition and innovation, past and present.

SHOULD YOU TASTE LOŠKA RURAL take you to a new culinary experience!