Škofja Loka Stuffed Turnips

Škofja Loka stuffed turnip is an old and simple dish, the home of which is in Škofja Loka and its near surroundings and we cannot find it anywhere else. Some time ago housewives already in the morning put turnips in an iron or clay pot, stuffed them with millet porridge and put them in a stove. Such prepared turnips were baked all day and were ready right for supper. As turnips used to scorch on the edge of the pot during baking, the dish was named smojka (scorched). Although especially poor inhabitants used to eat stuffed turnips, today even the modern culinary art is certainly not ashamed of them. Adjusting it to modern tastes, a stuffed turnip as a warm starter, main course or side dish will arouse different gourmet delights in you.

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